Chris Mitchell

A native Omahan, Christopher Mitchell has had a passion for the piano from a young age. Taking beginning lessons from Ms. Karen Longstein, he studied with Ms. Bernadette T. Smith from third grade through high school. A sophomore Keyboard/Vocal Music Education Major at the University of Nebraska Omaha, Chris is currently under the instruction of Steinway Artist Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor. In addition to his performance instruction, Chris has also been mentored in piano pedagogy by Dr. Shelly Cooper and Ms. Stacie E. Haneline, both instructors at the UNO School of Music. 

Chris believes in the importance of ensuring that as students continue to grow, they still retain the love and curiosity that first drew them to the piano. His goal is for each student to grow in their piano abilities in order for them to share music with others. The joy that comes from reaching others through music is what Chris aims to instill in each student, regardless of ability and age.